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If you are looking for help from a fundraiser with over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment of regular donors across Asia, Europe and Australia you have come to the right place. I am a senior fundraiser experienced in acquiring and maintaining regular donors and offer the following services:

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A proven regular giving  acquisition model which works well for all organisations.

The key to this model is three fold:

  1. A powerful proposition delivered through advertisements that are designed specifically to convert donors via Facebook.

  2. A Facebook audience segmentation model which has been developed over ten years with literally hundreds of fundraising ad campaigns  internationally.

  3. A combined Sponsorship/Monthly Giving and Single Gift offering which uses the immediate revenue from ‘single givers’ to help fund the cost of acquiring the regular donors.

I work with a global team of professionals to deliver regular donors  at a reasonable volume far more cheaply than any other available fundraising channel.

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Still delivering large numbers of new regular donors

I was on the ground at the start of the huge boom in Face to Face fundraising globally and since 1995 have built and/or managed teams in Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

I provide full consulting services ranging from new market entry through to the development or revitalisation of existing inhouse teams.

I work with an experienced team of Face to Face trainers in Asia, Australia and New Zealand and together we cover the fundamentals of Face to Face. 


Nothing beats calling your supporters

Like Face to Face, my experience with Telefundraising also dates back to 1995 and over the last 20 years I have established and managed inhouse teams as well as worked with telemarketing agencies both as a client and from within. 

I can help you with all aspects of Telefundraising management, including script development, segmentation and analysis.

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Find out how far you can grow

I have worked in senior fundraising positions across a wide range of countries since 2007. I provide strategic advice on issues such as investment choices, team development and new market entry. 

I can provide an analysis service that at its simplest provides information on Attrition patterns or Return on Investment (ROI). For a comprehensive database analysis I work closely with a fundraising analyst and can offer competitive rates.

I also provide training, mentoring and workshops to help build skill and fundraising results.

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These days I'm mostly in one of the following cities:

Hong Kong - Bangkok - Melbourne

TH +66 645 017 302 (also find me on LINE @rodpaterson)

AU +61 416 127 689 (also find me on WhatsApp and Telegram)

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